Ensure Fresh and Healthy Beds With Crewe Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaners CreweDeep cleaning your mattress requires more than just routine vacuuming, especially if you have allergies. A dirty mattress, full of dust mites and bacteria can pose a huge health risk. When you want to ensure a truly healthy sleep for you and your family members, all bacteria and allergens have to be removed from deep inside the fabric.

Our professional mattress cleaning service offers you just that. A clean and healthy mattress to sleep on. Thanks to advanced cleaning techniques and antibacterial products, our cleaning teams will completely remove all unwanted allergens from deep within the material.

Efficient Steam and Dry Mattress Cleaning Techniques

Before the deep clean of your mattress, our technicians assess its fabric and the level of soiling. This helps them choose the most appropriate cleaning techniques and solutions for your specific needs:

  • Hot water extraction: Also known as steam cleaning. It is a thorough cleanup process that removes allergens and stains with ease. Utilises a hot water solution of special detergent that’s injected deep inside the mattress fabric, killing bacteria and dissolving dirt. At the same time, all impurities are extracted by a powerful vacuum machine, leaving you with a clean and fresh mattress to sleep on. As the process uses water, a few hours are necessary for it to completely dry. You can open a door or a window, or we can provide air movers to speed up the process.
  • Dry powder mattress cleaning: This technique is suitable for mattresses that should not be moisturised, as it uses no water. A dry enzyme powder solution is brushed deep within the fabric and then vacuum extracted along all dirt and allergens. The final result – a sterilised mattress for your to sleep on.

All used mattress cleaning detergents are biodegradable, chemical-free and perfectly safe for your health.

Benefits of Our Professional Mattress Cleaning in Crewe

  • A deep mattress cleaning that efficiently removes dust, dirt, bacteria and other allergens
  • Our cleaners are certified, extensively trained, and fully insured
  • Schedule our services for a suitable day and time, even during weekends at the same price
  • Book along your routine carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning to save money and time
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